In 2014, the leader of a Northern California megachurch lived on the streets of Sacramento for two weeks to raise money for a homeless program. It changed his life forever. Now, in the tail-spinning latter half of a global pandemic, Rev. Rick Cole of Capital Christian Center recounts the humbling experience and opens up about his own growth and his hopes for the Church. Touching on everything from homelessness, to race relations, to embracing a broken community, Cole is always self-aware, straight-forward, and unambiguous. He may at times be stating the obvious, but he also knows that too many of us, especially now, need to hear it.

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Homelessness & Hunger in Sacramento

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 24:40

Donate to Loaves and Fishes, Sacramento’s largest non-profit service provider for those experiencing homelessness. They rely solely on individual and private donations to continue providing essential survival supplies and warm meals to thousands of children and adults every week. Visit sacloaves.org to learn how you can get involved in their mission

Capital Christian Center

Capital Christian Center is so much more than just a church. It is a school, a food distribution center, and active advocate for homeless initiatives in the surrounding Sacramento county. Your donation to Capital goes to providing groceries to families and individuals who need it and missions work and education around the globe. capitalonline.cc

Recourses Near Me

Visit National Alliance to End Homelessness to learn more about homelessness in your area and how you can help. The Alliance is a non-profit and bi-partisan organization with a long-standing history of research-and-outcome-based aid to those experiencing homelessness. With focuses on re-housing, proper training for public providers and agencies, and policy change, the Alliance is an excellent place to start your involvement. endhomelessness.org